The myth of the blood group diet.

Eating right for your type?

A, B, O, AB

So, you’ve heard of it… Have you bought the book and skipped right to the part telling you what to eat for YOUR BLOOD TYPE?

Every second person tells me he’s on the blood group diet, or asks all kinds of questions about it… So here it is, the verdict on eat right for your blood type.

The book is based on the theory that certain blood groups should eat certain foods…

There are anti-genes (fighters) in the blood and when eating certain foods (according to your blood type) it can make these fighters clot – causing all kinds of diseases, and illnesses. Peter D’Adamo claims that his diet is individualised and just for you, but he looks at your blood type and THAT IS IT… How does that work?

Our Verdict

There is no question about genes in the blood—IT IS THERE!

Every person has a unique code encrypted in his or her blood and in every cell in his or her body. This encryption makes them one of a kind and more susceptible to specific diseases, according to their family history. It is not simply the blood group that tells us what the person will respond to, BUT the genes in the blood and every cell in your body (your DNA). For example, if a person is susceptible to cholesterol, dietary and medical intervention can prevent heart disease. Some people have high cholesterol, genetically, and no dietary intervention will help. This can be determined by analysing your genes or DNA.

This concept of preventive action through analysing genes is still new on the research field, and not yet fully understood.

Our conclusion is that there should be more scientific evidence regarding the blood group diet and all other extreme diets before implementation can take place. To go the safe way – any best seller should have sound scientific references before it can be taken as hard facts!!!!

Please contact Healthy Ways if your best seller calls any suspicion.


There is a place for all foods in a healthy balance diet.

The cell theory goes: that every cell contains about 45 Elements; and how can you provide your cells when restricting foods???