Patrick Holford’s latest book and diet program was launched in SA mid-February 2005. He gave “The Holford Diet” lectures in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Holford also hosted an exclusive 100% Health Weekend Workshop in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

This book and program is expected to rival Robert Atkins’ book and program. The Atkins

Diet. As dieticians, we know that this means that the weight-loss hungry consumer will either want to know more about this diet, will be following his plan, or will query the difference between this diet and other popular diets. The lectures and books will also lead to increased consumer knowledge on the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. A huge media and publicity plan has been put into action, and a new craze is expected to begin.

Partick Holford is the founder of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, author of over twenty books and ranked as one of the world’s leading health and nutrition experts. Patrick’s new cutting edge research on the GLYCEMIC LOAD, now incorporated into the HOLFORD

DIET, is set to take the world by storm….when you balance your blood sugar, you’ll lose weight fast, beat your cravings and live with vibrant health and energy.

Have a look at my article below that appeared in the Glamour Magazine

August 2004. I have been practicing this for years……

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Every woman who’s ever tried to lose a few kilograms knows the seduction of a crash diet. But have any of us ever had long-term success with a fad diet? No. Because the simple truth is, if you don’t eat correctly, the kilos will either stay put or relentlessly, creep back on!