High protein diets and what they do to your body…

Everything in life is about balance – sleeping, eating, exercising, and working. You can only be a healthy happy human being if you live a balanced life. Then why disturb this balance with a high protein diet? We can reason logically about this and every time the same conclusion will be made, high protein diets have hazardous effects on our bodies. Let us look at the characteristics and effects of a high protein diet together. There are three main food groups namely proteins (meat, eggs, dairy products, soy and legumes), carbohydrates (porridge, rice, bread, vegetables, fruit etc.) and fats. For a person to maintain a healthy weight and for all systems in the body to be functioning optimally, these food groups must be consumed in balance. If one food group is consumed in too much or too little amounts, it disturbs the whole balance in the body, thus we compromise our health.

As we mentioned proteins are mostly from animal origin. Automatically the person who consumes a lot of protein is also going to consume excessive fat. The fat from animal products is dangerous for our body if consumed in too large amounts. It can block veins, increase blood pressure or even lead to a stroke or heart attack. This is the first very negative side effect of a high protein diet.

The second one that can be linked to the first is that of a low carbohydrate intake. It means that we take in too little wholegrain products, too little fruit and too little vegetables. Not only don’t we have enough energy, our muscle stores are broken down, as the body needs energy to function. We waste away our cells where metabolism takes place,and—.the end result? You end up double your size!! A low carbohydrate diet also means a low fiber diet. Constipation and hemorrhoids might start to be a problem if there is too little fiber in a diet. When fiber moves through the colon, it absorbs water and becomes a bulky, slippery mass. It forces the colon to contract and relax, thus the person has no problem with passing stools. If no fiber is ingested, there is nothing to form bulk, thus nothing to make the colon work. The result is constipation and hemorrhoids. A low fruit and vegetable intake will also lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and many diseases can develop because of this shortage.

Another serious side effect of high protein diets is that of damage to important organs like the liver and the kidneys. The liver is like a factory; everything that we take in must go through the liver. The liver changes it into a form that is recognizable by the other organs. If the liver doesn’t do his job, the body might become poisoned. Thus the liver together with the kidneys is part of our own detoxification system. The liver detoxifies all substances that are taken in and the kidneys excrete all toxins. In other words they get rid of everything that might be dangerous for the body. A high protein load might be too big a burden on the liver and kidneys and it will stop functioning. Do you want to end up with no kidneys??

Last but not least, Healthy Ways focuses on the consumption of low GI foods.

How are you going to control your blood sugar if you don’t take in a sufficient amount of carbohydrates? You will not be able to do that. Together with it your insulin levels will be disturbed, you will have little energy and get headaches from low blood sugar… and you can even faint! Thus high protein diets are not the way to go!