FRENCH WOMEN DON’T GET FAT – the secret of eating for pleasure

Healthy Ways offers a perspective on the bestseller: The book speaks the truth, French women don’t get fat, but why? This question is easy to answer and anybody who red the book would be able to identify the following points, which is characteristic of the French lady’s way of living:

She eats regularly.

The French Lady consumes a balanced diet, as it is the correct thing to do.

Fresh products, high in nutrients, definitely form part of her daily eating pattern.

As she is a lady, portion control is of the utmost importance. She never overeats or dishes up second or third portions!!

She is focused on healthy living and on the influence thereof on her figure, thus exercises. Especially walking forms part of her daily routine.

She eats a wide variety of foods.

These four points can be summarized in the following statement:

“French Women realize that one can only be healthy if one follows a healthy lifestyle, and the consequences of a healthy lifestyle would automatically include, not getting fat!” All Healthy Ways members will surely realize that this is also the message advocated by Healthy Ways – to loose weight and to maintain ideal body weight is a lifelong commitment and a definite effort to live healthy has to be a Dietician’s recommendation: