Cellulite is a myth! There isn’t such a thing as cellulite. The term, cellulite, cannot be found in any medical dictionary and is not scientifically based. It’s a word used by the general public pertaining to fat cells and possible insufficient lymph drainage. If cellulite doesn’t exist, how can it be treated? Healthy Ways has promised to reveal all nutrition and health related secrets to you.

According to the Oxford Concise Medical dictionary, lymph can be defined as: “The fluid present within the vessels of the lymphatic system. It consists of the fluid that bathes the tissues, which is derived from the blood and is drained by the lymphatic vessels.” In other words, the lymph is the fluid surrounding cells in the body. All the toxins secreted by the cells are drained from the blood into the lymphatic vessels. If drainage is insufficient (which is the case in the so-called “cellulite”) the skin might develop the orange peel appearance.

Fat cells, the scientific term is adipocytes, are situated either directly under the skin or between the organs. Fat cells have some scientifically based characteristics that are important for anybody on a weight reduction program. They are the following:

Fat cells are very active cells – they store fat, secrete hormones and regulate some of the body functions. Sometimes one wrongly defines them as dead blubber – the biggest mistake one can ever make! They are very much alive.

The main increase of the number of fat cells in one’s body takes place at the age of six months and during adolescence!

Obesity is caused by an increase in the number of fat cells or an increase in the size of the existing fat cells or both.

Fat cells in adults will only increase in number if the maximum capacity of the existing cells is reached.

Last the fat cells can reduce during weight reduction but not the number. Once again prevention is better than cure! This means that fat cells cannot break up and be washed away by reducing treatments!

Now that one knows what “cellulite” really is, fat cells and possible insufficient lymph drainage, one can work out strategy against it. There is no quick fix!

This might sound depressing, but it is true and must be dealt with. “Cellulite” can only be counteracted with a healthy lifestyle, sufficient sleep, sufficient exercise and healthy eating habits. No body lotion is going to get rid of fat cells! It might seem as if they disappear, but the body doesn’t excrete any absorbed fat. Fat needs to be used as an energy source for activity like exercise. It is the only way to get rid of it! Exercise doesn’t mean lying on a bed while a masseuse massages one’s fat! It might help for the lymph drainage temporarily, but the “cellulite” will be back in some time. Real

Exercise on the other hand improves overall circulation, including lymph drainage and fat is used as energy source.

The influence of serotonin also has to be kept in mind if one wants to lose weight. Serotonin is called the happy hormone as it is an endorphin, which lightens one’s state of mind. It also suppresses appetite and is only secreted if one gets sufficient sleep, exercise and eats balanced meals – every meal must be a combination of a protein, a starch and a fat.

Few benefits of a healthy lifestyle have been addressed in this article, but the main goal was to clear up the myth about cellulite! Healthy Ways promise to guide you through all the information that bombards one! – The myths and the facts!